If you are interested in booking a hunt, you MUST Call Eric at 814-853-6210. Once you have booked your hunt, you can use this link to purchase your NM hunting license and landowner tag:

  • Bull Elk - $13,000.00 - Any legal bull. This is a 5 day, all inclusive, one on one guided hunt and includes lodging, food, beverages and cleaning, quartering and cold storage of your animal. Non-hunting guests are welcome for an additional $200.00/day.
  • Management Bull Elk (when available) - $7500.00 - Most of these bulls are 2 and 3 years old. 5 days, all-inclusive as above. Non-hunting guests are welcome for an additional $200/day.
  • Cow Elk - $4000.00 - This is a 3 day, all-inclusive hunt as above. Non-hunting guests are welcome for an additional $200.00/day.

These prices do not include sales tax or guide gratuities (15% or more is appropriate) 

The Bulls on our ranch range from record class 350 plus Bulls and down. We do have several “cull” or “herd management” hunts available this year at the discounted price above.


We hunt all three seasons.  Archery is spot, stalk, and call.  In muzzle loader and Rifle season, you will be hunting out of warm, comfortable, custom elevated stands.

 Guests should arrive at the lodge very early in the afternoon the day before your hunt. We will get you settled in with enough time to sight in your rifle or weapon of choice. Then it's relaxing in the great room until dinner is served. All hunts include 3 meals daily, including beverages of your choice with your dinner. Your menu will be established prior to your arrival. We take great pride in the meals we serve. You can expect snacks and hors d'oeuvres to be served daily and any special requests to the chef will most likely be granted. Soft drinks, bottled water, coffee and tea will always be on hand. 

These are not high mountain, physically demanding hunts.  All of our hunting locations are right here on the Ranch on the incredible Rio Grande River bottom.  You and your guide will travel on our trails, sometimes several miles in a side by side, then park and move quietly into your stand.  You can hunt all day if you prefer, or like most of our past hunters, you can choose to return to the lodge for lunch and a rest then back to your stand for the evening hunt. 


With an Elk down, everything changes!  

Other guides and ranch hands will likely converge to help and see  what you  harvested. This is what we live for and this is what we celebrate! 

Your animal will be cared for and prepared as you request. Additionally, we offer a complete butchering service, cold storage, and, caping of your trophy for the taxidermist.  (We do have one we work with here locally or we will be happy to ship to yours if requested for an additional fee).   

Call Eric today and book your hunt!