La Joya Valley Ranch offers  our wing shooters a number of different types of unique and exciting upland bird hunts.  We have a healthy population of Gambel's Quail, Blue Quail, and Bobwhite. With our aggressive stocking program, you will also find coveys of Chukar and plenty of Pheasant on these unique hunts. Our dogs are outstanding. You will hunt over pointers and/or flushing dogs depending on the type of hunt. Our guides are professional, courteous, and passionate about hunting. Our season runs from September 1 through  March 30 of each year. 
This is real bird hunting!
 We offer 2, 3 or more day all inclusive hunt packages as well as single day hunts. Larger groups can be accommodated. The main lodge and the southern ranch house can comfortably sleep up to 18.

Hunts can be booked most any day of the week by reservation only, just call for availability.
A NM hunting license IS required. If you don't already have yours, you can buy online here:  https://onlinesales.wildlife.state.nm.us/


We offer 3 different types of hunts….

 3 Gun Minimum

Easy walking but a lot of it. The High Desert is unique and beautiful. Hunting in and around desert plants, you may/will spot coveys moving out in front of you, sing out, and then it's up to the dogs to pin them down. This is a hunt you will not soon forget! You will need chaps or brush pants. We see very few, but there are snakes and some cactus. We will likely find three different species of Quail - Gambel's, Blues and the infamous Bobwhite. We will also find the occasional covey of Chukar, explosive in a much bigger way,  and often Pheasants as they thrive in and near our river bottom. On a typical 4 gun hunt, you can expect to flush 30 - 50 birds, maybe more. This is NOT a put and take hunt - this is real hunting!
  3 Gun Minimum
A more classic upland hunt in our crop and brush fields. The dogs methodically hunt out the fields for the more than abundant pheasant, chukar and quail. The cover is chopped sorghum, corn, alfalfa and good old brush fields. This cover stays strong all season mainly because of the lack of heavy snow.
 Most if not all (or more) of the birds will be found, pointed and flushed. Our dogs are outstanding and do their job well. BUT…  These birds are wild, therefore unpredictable. We do our best.
  3 Gun Minimum
Great fun and an ideal hunt for our handicapped and physically challenged hunters. Or if you're just feeling a little lazy ! We can hunt up to 9 hunters, we will just send them in different directions. We'll load up on one or two of our UTVs with you and your group, a bird dog in the back and cruise the Ranch searching for coveys of Quail, Chukar and maybe a Pheasant or two. Find a covey, load the guns, release the hounds, hunt them out and then on to the next. We cruise the field edges then up into the High Desert and we do find birds,
lots of them! This is my personal favorite!  
There is a $100 premium per gun for this hunt.
3 gun minimum on all 3 of these hunts, however groups of 4-6 are strongly recommended. More guns, more birds, more action, more fun!  The number of birds taken is unlimited! Most of our hunters book 2 or 3 days of hunting. Maybe first day high desert, second day low country crop fields and brush focusing on pheasant and chukar and maybe a 3rd day of Run & Gun. You decide! An adventure you will never forget!
These hunts include 3 meals a day, fine dinners complete with  beverages of your choice, a hearty breakfast before your hunt and a late lunch while your birds are being cleaned and prepared for your freezer. You will want to bring a large cooler. We have a wonderful menu to choose from and our meals are served family style. Departure is by 4:00pm on your final day.
$750/gun for the 1st day; $700/gun each additional day. $100 premium for Run & Gun Hunt.

Additional fees would be:
Bird cleaning - $5/bird breasted - $7.50 whole bird
Gratuities - at least 15% of the cost of your hunt is appropriate for your guide!
NM hunting license and currently 6.25% sales tax.
   2 Gun Minimum
These hunts can be booked most any time by reservation only. We are closed Monday and Tuesday unless special arrangements are made. Call for availability.  These are “put & take” hunts and are priced based on the number and type of birds purchased. For our regional and local guests that want to “hunt and go” using our guides with our dogs, you can choose High Desert or our Low Country fields, your choice. There is a 5 bird minimum per gun, 10 bird minimum if you choose Quail. Most hunters choose a “mixed bag”.  
We have a very large pavilion with picnic tables and a grill with a beautiful view for our day hunters. Unless otherwise requested, these are roughly 3 hour hunts. A current NM hunting license is required.
Quail - 10 birds - $220 - additional birds $22 each
Chukar - 5 birds - $220 -additional birds $25 each
Pheasant - 5 birds - $250 - additional birds $35 each
Guide & dog fee for 2 hunters - $75 - each additional hunter - $25
Bird cleaning - $5/bird breasted - $7.50 whole bird
Gratuities - at least 15% of the cost of your hunt is appreciated by your guides!
For our hunters with their own dogs… We will set the birds for you to hunt and/or train on the High Desert or in our Low Country fields, your choice. There is a 5 bird minimum per gun, 10 if you choose Quail. Prices are the same as for our Tail Gate Hunts above with the addition of a $20.00 per gun stocking fee paid directly to that person. For those of you training your dogs, you can be in our fields year round! No more than 3 hours in the field. A current NM hunting license is required.